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The world of technical support is changing. With a growing demand for an immediate support and immediate solutions, a bad first impression could be a last and only impression. A study shows 82% of customers will leave a brand following a single bad experience. Every single customer service touch point matters a lot that is why LogMeIn 123 makes it superior customer experience the norm not the exception.

They understand that the customer support is never a one size fits all proposition. Different customers have different needs and expectations. That is why LogMeIn company designed LogMeIn123 to support the widest range of customer issues and requests possible. No matter of the device, you can solve every problem seamlessly and securely with remote support for PC, MAC, iOS, Android and more.

LogMeIn123 connects in seconds, helping to increase the customer satisfaction and decrease support cost and even remotely supporting things which are connected can be achieved with a 123 innovative video support features. Easy and Intuitive, LogMeIn123 seamlessly integrates to any work fly. Support can be initiated through a website, cheque, email, text messages or even in your own ticketing solution, creating a superior customer experience by connecting with users wherever they happen to be.  : www.support.me

LogMeIn123 also gives your company the ability to wrap request to specific technician groups to properly align any problem with the appropriate expert, essentially cutting support time from days to matter of minutes. To optimize your resources, LogMeIn123 aggregates session and resolution data on a real time so you can monitor and manage your support teams more effectively. LogMeIn123 gives customers all their tools to address, help and support their customer needs and problems. Putting your company step on the customer experience is just as important. That's why all the LogMeIn123 tools can be customized with your company logo, icon and coloured skins.

Overall, it can be said that LogMeIn is a cloud-based service that provides a technical support remotely on your computer. It is a place where you can fix or resolve your system issues efficiently by directly connecting to a technician. It is a real-time repairing process where you can check what is your technician doing on your PC and help them to guide accordingly through conversation and chats.

Requirements for accessing LogMeIn123

  • A device you want to fix via technician which also support the internet at the same time.
  • A fast and reliable internet connection or WiFi.
  • LogMeIn six-digit single-use card.
  • Must belong to US or Canada for convenient service.

Instructions to access LogMein123

  • First, you need to visit www.logmein123.com from your web browser.
  • It will take you to the LogMeIn123 login page where you will be asked to enter a six-digit code provided by the technician.
  • Enter the code and download the file from the popup box accordingly.
  • Make sure your Firewall is turned off at this moment as it might interrupt the connection between you and your technician,
  • Now allow a technician to fix your system issues.
If you have any issues regarding your connection check your internet website otherwise contact the LogMein123 support team.